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Crestview Local Calamity Day Update

Link to update on CLS calamity days.

Ohio's New Learning Standards

While many point at the Federal Government implementing the Common Core Curriculum, it was actually the National Board of Governors that decided to develop a common framework in education to retool the education system in America.  The goal of this framework is simply to allow our students to compete in an everchanging global community.  Unique to America, we truly educate ALL students.  The framework literally changes the way we are educating students to think, and in doing so reformatting how educators are teaching.  Crestview Local will continue to strive to provide your student with the best possible educational experience we can offer.  We value your partnership in this endeavor.  

Click to learn more about Ohio's New Learning Standards

Ohio's New Report Card

Understanding Ohio's New School Report Card

Please click the links below to view Crestview Local Ratings under the New State Report Card System

District Gap Closing

District Achievement

District Graduation Rate

School Gap Closing

School Achievement

School Graduation Rate




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