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Crestview Local Schools approved for Waiver Day
The Ohio Department of Education has approved Crestview Local Schools for a waiver day for the purpose of staff in-service.  This day will be on Friday, April 17, 2015.  There will be no school for students on this day.  


2015-2016 School Calendar Feedback Sought

The Crestview Board of Education has been working to develop the calendar for the 2015-2016 school year. Each year there are several variables that go into determining what the year's calendar will look like. We would welcome your feedback on a couple key areas of the calendar, such as start date, holiday breaks, and calamity make-up days.

Please share your input on these areas with us through this brief survey. The survey will be available through Wednesday, March 11. 2015. Thank you for your support.

Calendar Feedback Survey

As We Begin Ohio's NextGeneration Assessments...

Testing for students in grades 4-9 kicks off next week. Grade 3 will follow in mid-March. Our March testing window will run March 3-17. Test dates for each building can be found on the building websites.

The Ohio NextGeneration Assessments implemented this spring include English and Math tests developed by the PARCC Consortium, of which Ohio is a governing member, and state-developed Science and Social Studies tests.

The PARCC assessments have gained quite of bit of attention in recent weeks, much of it from parents who are concerned about the amount of time and stress the assessments are putting on Ohio’s students.

The tests, especially in this first year, have some shortcomings that the district acknowledges, most notably the amount of time associated with these new assessments, and a turnaround timeline for results that will make the data unusable for positively affecting instruction next fall. We see that, and so do many of you.

Our faculty and administration believe that good assessments should ultimately provide good information on student learning that our teachers can fold back into improving instruction for your child and his/her peers. Good assessment is an essential part of good instruction.

There are some positives to these NextGeneration Assessments:
  • A great deal of work has gone into improving the quality of test questions students will encounter this year, ensuring that students can apply what they know, not just repeat it back. Crestview has been fortunate to have staff members on both the PARCC and State-level advisory teams who have overseen the quality standards for these test items.
  • In future years, student results will be available to schools just a few days after testing concludes - possibly before the end of the school year. This will make state learning measures more useful than they’ve ever been for schools.
  • While we will see an increase in the overall time spent testing, students now have multiple shorter opportunities to demonstrate what they know - test success is no longer limited to one opportunity on a single day of the year.

We are fortunate in our district to have implemented a focus on improved use of technology in day-to-day instruction prior to having it become a necessary consideration for online testing. This has allowed us to focus first on looking at technology as a tool to benefit student learning, rather than allowing test-prep to drive our technology decision-making.

It has been our approach and focus this year, and in years past, to do what’s right for kids. We want to offer good instruction because that’s what our students deserve, not because it’s required for test performance. We want our students to feel confident in their skills and have a balanced perspective on the role of testing in their education.

Increased outside pressures from the legislature continue to compete for our time and focus, but our commitment to students and community remains.

For those families who wrestle with how to best voice your concerns about state testing and the impact it has on instruction, we encourage you to make contact with your state legislators and the state-level board of education to appeal for assessment models that make good, usable measures of student learning the primary focus, and insist that testing for the purpose of accountability always takes a backseat to that student focus.

We thank you for the opportunity to educate your child and the trust you have placed with us to fulfill that role. The changes in this new educational landscape are challenging for us as well, and we are glad to be navigating those changes with a terrific and supportive community around us.

Kindergarten Registration for 2015-16 SCHOOL YEAR

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Crestview Athletic Booster Club's

Brick Campaign

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District email users: Please note that the link to district email has been relocated to the left-hand column of our website.

Blizzard Bag Update

January 28, 2015 - Crestview's Make-up Day Plan for school days missed due to poor weather conditions calls for make-up assignments, known as Blizzard Bags, to be assigned for the 7th, 8th, and 9th days of school cancellations.

We've made several adjustments of our process this year in response to the experiences and feedback on last year's assignments.


Blizzard Bags are intended to fill in some of the gap created by missed instruction when school is closed. Blizzard Bags should include relevant tasks which can be completed by the student with some level of independence in most situations. All Blizzard Bags should reflect material in the classes that is either Reinforcement, Enrichment or Extension, or Exploration/Introductory.

More information, deadlines,  schedule of make-up days, and online repository of assignments: Blizzard Bag Central.

Crestview Local Calamity Day Update (Rev. 2-27-15)

As of February 27, 2015 Crestview Local Schools has used twelve (12) calamity days due to inclement weather.  

As scheduled and approved by the board last spring, our first make up day was on on President's Day, February 16, 2015. Days 7, 8, and 9 are being made up by utilizing Blizzard Bags.  Days 10, 11 and 12 are now scheduled to be made up on March 30, 31 and April 1.  This is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of spring break week.  Please mark you calendars that school will be IN SESSION on March 30, March 31 and April 1, 2015.  All other calamity days will be added at the end of the school year.  We will keep you posted as the winter progresses here in February and March.


Ohio's New Learning Standards

While many point at the Federal Government implementing the Common Core Curriculum, it was actually the National Board of Governors that decided to develop a common framework in education to retool the education system in America.  The goal of this framework is simply to allow our students to compete in an everchanging global community.  Unique to America, we truly educate ALL students.  The framework literally changes the way we are educating students to think, and in doing so reformatting how educators are teaching.  Crestview Local will continue to strive to provide your student with the best possible educational experience we can offer.  We value your partnership in this endeavor.  

Click to learn more about Ohio's New Learning Standards

Ohio's New Report Card

Understanding Ohio's New School Report Card

Please click the links below to view Crestview Local Ratings under the New State Report Card System

District Gap Closing

District Achievement

District Graduation Rate

School Gap Closing

School Achievement

School Graduation Rate




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