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The Middle School Physical Education Department purchased some new equipment for the 2016-17 school year. Using the student fee money ($2 per student in grades 4-8) all money will go towards purchasing new equipment for the students. For this year, we focused on two areas: transporting equipment and upper body strength. When the weather is nice we like to take the students outside whenever possible. In the past it has been difficult to haul equipment outside. With this in mind, we purchased a 600 lb. capacity garden wagon that will allow us to quickly and easily move large amounts of equipment. An example of an activity we do outside that requires a lot of equipment is fitness stations on the track. The wagon will come in very handy for this activity, as well as many others .

Improving student upper body strength is one of our SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) for Physical Education. We are always looking for unique, alternative ways to challenge our  students to increase their upper body strength. For this reason, we purchased a complete set of six upper body conditioning ropes. This is an activity that ALL students can participate in and be successful. Not to mention, it is a great workout! If you are unfamiliar with conditioning ropes, try this link to watch a video of kids in action with the ropes:  www.gophersport.com/fitness/weight-room-conditioningropes/rainbow-introfit-conditioning-ropes.

Finally, through the generosity of the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, we were awarded a grant for the purchase of a new laptop to be used with our pedometers! This laptop will allow our students to download their workout data instantly at the end of the class in the gym. As their workouts accumulate, we will be able to print off and track student progress. The pedometers keep track of steps taken and intensity level. We can wait to incorporate this new equipment and technology into our curriculum and look forward to continue challenging our students to remain physically fit.

~ Kim Bajko and Jason Goon, Physical Education Instructors