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Beginning in the winter the 8th grade year, each student will meet annually with guidance staff to start planning for, or review and revise, his or her high school schedule. While some areas of instruction are common to all students, many opportunities for electives, career-based instruction, College Credit Plus, and other unique learning paths exist. It is important that students look ahead at the multi-year picture when planning schedules to ensure the best opportunity to pursue their preferred learning path while meeting high school graduation requirements. 

Program of Studies

The annual Program of Studies explains graduation requirements, course offerings, and an includes a detailed explanation of the high school curriculum. The student has the responsibility to see that requirements for graduation are met.  High school personnel make every effort to keep current records and to keep students and parents informed about the student’s progress toward completing the work necessary to meet these requirements.  The student, however, must make sure that he or she is acquainted with the necessary requirements to meet this goal.  This task is ultimately the student’s responsibility.  

All graduation requirements must be completed prior to graduation.  Please note that graduation requirements are minimum requirements.  Most students will have earned more than the minimum credits by the end of their senior year. The information in this Program of Studies is subject to change due to outstanding legislation and changes to curriculum. 

2016-2017 Program of Studies Guide

Graduation Requirements

For the graduating class of 2017 the following applies:  

The Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) consists of Reading, Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies.  All students are required to pass all five tests to graduate.  Students will be administered these tests for the first time in March of their sophomore year.  Students who do not pass all five tests the first time will be able to take the test(s) that they have failed again in October of their junior year.  They will continue to take any failed test(s) until they have successfully passed all five tests or until they have exhausted the number of times permitted to take the test.  

Earning an Ohio High School Diploma, Class of 2018 and beyond*:

Ohio gives you several options to qualify for a high school diploma:

1.  Students will take 7 End of Course exams in the following areas: 

  • Science (Biology) 
  • Math (Algebra I and Geometry) 
  • English (English I and English II) 
  • Social Studies (American Studies and American Government)

Students must score a total of 18 points on the End of Course exams to graduate.  A minimum of four points must come from the Math assessments, four points from the English, and six points from the science, American Studies, and American Government.  Students will have the opportunity to retake the tests to improve their scores (structured review is strongly recommended prior to retaking any assessment).

2.  Industry credential and workforce readiness

3.  College and career readiness tests

For more detailed information about the ways to earn a diploma visit "Ohio Options for a High School Diploma"

* State requirements for the Class of 2018 and beyond continue to be revised by the legislature. Some changes may be expected. Families interested in reviewing the most current graduation requirement language may visit the Ohio Department of Education's "Ohio Graduation Requirements" guidance page.