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The December 2017/January 2018 CrestView newsletter is now available online - please click here to see pdf.  Newsletters will be arriving in the mail sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday and before the end of the month.  

Alex Stambaugh and Andrew Bright, Alex created a board game center on Mexico for the kids.A new partnership between Crestview's high school Spanish students and elementary students has formed as the results of a collaboration between the high school Spanish Club and AMMPED (Art, Music, Media, Physical Education Disciplines) faculty at the elementary.

"On the first club meeting we sat down and started brainstorming for projects and ideas that the students would like to do this year," said high school spanish teacher, Carla Colón. "A lot of the students wanted to have a Spanish Day at the elementary. Coincidentally, the elementary school special teachers were planning a unit on Mexico for the 2nd 9 weeks for the 3rd grade students. They approached me to check if the club students would be interested in teaching Spanish. It was just perfect timing since I had just been talking about this with my students the week before. We prepared a rotation so 2-3 club members can have a turn to be at the elementary teaching every couple of weeks. We are planning to have a lesson every Monday until the last week of classes."

Elementary music teacher, Christina Shotts, explained that the project came about as part of a multicultural unit to enrich the third grade curriculum. Each nine weeks the third graders travel to a new country and learn about different aspects of the culture in their AMMPED classes. In Art they learn about famous artist and genres of art, in Music they learn various folk songs, instruments, and dances, in Media they read books about the culture, and in Physical Education they learn about the various sports and physical pursuits. For the first nine weeks of school the third grade students visited Mexico and learned about Mexican culture, the students had such a positive response to the unit that we decided to add further enrichment by partnering with the High School Spanish Club to have weekly Spanish lessons for students.

The program's goal is to is for high school students to interact with younger kids and experience the teaching profession first hand. "I've already have some students tell me that this experience showed them that they would possibly want to become educators," said Colón. In addition to this, they would like to expand the Spanish program, awaken an interest in foreign language learning at an early age, and establishing a collaborating environment between high school and elementary school. 

"The 3rd grade students are responding with enthusiasm and an inquisitive mind set," added Shotts. "The students look forward to their weekly Spanish lessons and are using the new language throughout their day at Crestview, including the classroom, lunch room, and amongst each other. Students are even furthering their learning by teaching adults in the elementary and siblings some of the words learned. It has been a very positive response from both the elementary students and high school students."

On Thursday, December 14th the third grade students will showcase all their knowledge and hard work through culture tables and stations where the audience members will rotate through and learn about various parts of Mexican culture and African culture from the students. At the conclusion of the stations students will perform songs and dances from each of the cultures as a finale to the evening.

Once again the CHS will be hosting its annual Thanksgiving dinner to all students and staff on November 21. Senior Citizens are invited to attend. Students and staff are asked to donate food items for the event. 

A list of food needs will be sent out the first week of November. In addition to feeding the student body and staff, food items will be boxed and donated to the Salvation Army of Ashland County, the Harmony House and domestic violence shelters of Richland county.

If you are interested in donating or helping with the Thanksgiving dinner please contact Andrew Ditlevson at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 419-895-1700, ext. 19002.

It's always great news to hear about the successes of our Crestview Graduates! Mark Matthews '12 and Adam Good '10 were recently in their academic institutions program guides for their standout accomplishments.

Read their full write-ups here.

Would you like to nominate a Crestview alum to be featured as an outstanding example in his or her community or career for an upcoming series? Contact Mr. Andrew Ditlevson, Crestview High School principal, with the details. 

By the help of the Crestview Educational Foundation and the Richland County Foundation, Mr. Souder is excited to continue the Crestview High School RC Aeronautics STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) class!

This past summer, Mr. Souder spent several weeks attending various workshops, trainings, and collaborating with a teacher in Colorado to help further develop the new STEAM class that only a few schools in the country have started to implement. He has also been a contributing member in helping to start up FliteTest’s STEM program and helping other schools implementing their own RC flying STEM classes.

Through the process of building, designing, flying (and crashing and repairing) their own aircrafts, students will be learning about the various properties of flight. At the beginning of the school year, students will develop their building skills in various stages, by constructing some simple gliders. As the students progress, the types of gliders the students build will become more complex. In the meantime, students will be learning the various parts and functions of the airplanes and how they affect the flight. Using a RC flight simulator (called “Phoenix”) and various small RC airplanes, students will be developing their flying and landing skills. In the meantime, students will also have to learn various safety practices, laws regarding flying RC aircraft, and proper etiquette. The primary purpose of this class is to introduce to the students a possible career in aviation. Not only are the RC aircraft used for recreation, but they also have applications in agriculture (analyze the soil and vegetation), cartography (using the aircraft to create 3D maps of an area), cinematography, inspecting infrastructures, military, and search and rescue.

If you would like to help our class in supplying some additional materials, we would be very appreciative. Some common items are: sheets of 20"x30" Readi-Board foamboard from Dollar Tree, 2" packaging tape (clear or colored), 10" glue sticks (preferably Adtech or Gorilla), old digital cameras that do not have to work (preferably Canon 2300), and any old RC planes or cars that could be scavenged for parts. Follow us on Facebook “Crestview High School RC Aeronautics STEAM class.