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Local Report Card...Insights and Observations 

Crestview Local Schools recently received their results from the 2016-2017 state report card. I would like to take a moment to provide some of my observations and insights about the data that we were provided regarding the growth and progress of our district. Crestview again received an “A” for progress and value added, the highest rating a school can receive in this area. Our teachers are doing a phenomenal job of growing our students during their thirteen year educational marathon. I believe that this score ties directly in with our graduation rate, which was also an “A” with nearly 99% of our students graduating on time. These scores are indicative of how hard our staff works to make sure our students are being set up for future success.

A new area on the report card is Prepared for Success. This area is an indicator of how well our students, who for this report card period entered the 9th grade in 2012 and 2013, are prepared for college or work when they leave. Being a newer area on the report card, we were aware that the initial grade may not be very high early on. We are, however, working hard to improve our grade by offering more college level courses, encouraging more students to take the ACT or SAT and trying to support them as they work to become remediation free, and working closely with our vocational and technical school to make sure our students are adequately prepared to receive an industry recognized credential. Since this indicator looks back four to five years, we are expecting to see significant growth in the next two or three years in this area knowing what the indicator measures and having direct control over the target groups that affect the score.

Our K-3 Literacy grade was a “C”. While the state will tell us time and again that this is where districts should be, our teachers are personally committed to raising that score. This indicator looks at how successful the school is at getting struggling readers on track. It looks at students from the time they enter kindergarten to when they take the Third Grade Reading Test and evaluates through a number of data collection points how well we as a district did at getting readers on track and keeping them there. This may be, by far, one of the most confusing indicators on the entire report card. While the state recognizes that we have over 97% of our students meeting the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, and buries that data point deep in the report, they accentuate that 36% of our students are on track. If that is confusing to you, imagine the frustrations that our teachers feel who are working so hard to prepare our students to meet the guarantee.

Bottom line, our teachers are making a difference in the lives of our children every day regardless of the confusing data the state shares that may infer otherwise. I have always been a believer of accountability but I also realize that education is lifelong learning, a marathon, that we see the results and when our students cross that stage in late May or early June. We will continue to refine what we do in order to meet the requirements we have before us but we will continue to keep the big prize at the end as our goal for every child who walks in here as a kindergartner and leaves as a graduate thirteen years later.