Crestview High School (Richland County, Ohio)
1575 State Route 96
Ashland, OH 44805

Superintendent: Jim Grubbs
Principal: Andrew Ditlevson
Athletic Director: Tim Kuhn

School Counselor:  Rick Frary

High School Code: 360-208

Grades: 9-12
Total Enrollment: 367
Crestview H. S. Enrollment: 295
Pioneer CTC Enrollment: 72
Nickname: Cougars

Community: A rural school district located north of Mansfield and northwest of Ashland; industrial/agricultural economy; within 1½ hours of Cleveland and Columbus; one 9-12 high school building, one 4-8 middle school building, and one K-3 elementary building.

School: Four-year high school dedicated in 1993; one of fourteen schools participating in the Pioneer Career and Technology Center, which offers approximately 40 vocational programs for juniors and seniors.

Faculty: 24 high school faculty members ; School Counselor and Dean of Students; additional staff available through Mid-Ohio Educational Resource Center, including Attendance Officer, School Psychologist/Special Education consultant, Speech Therapist, and a Career Coach representative.

Curriculum: Traditional areas of study include College Preparatory, Agricultural Science, Industrial Technology, Honors Courses (8) as well as the vocational programs available at Pioneer Career and Technology Center. Students may participate in College Credit Plus (CCP) in coursework offered at Crestview High School (7) or courses offered at Ashland University, North Central State College or The Ohio State University - Mansfield. Credit Flex is available to students as well as online coursework through APEX. Programs for students identified Specific Learning Disabled, Multihandicapped, and Cognitively Disabled students are available.

Ranking System: All credits are awarded by grade point average computation; grade point average determines class rank. All classes are graded on a 4.0 scale.

Grading Scale: A+ = 100-98; A= 97-93; A- = 92-90; B+ = 89-87; B = 86-83; B- = 82-80; C+ = 79-77; C = 76-73; C- = 72-70; D+ = 69-67.5; D = 66-63; D- = 62-60; F = 59-0

Graduation Requirements: 20 total credits are required, plus successful completion of End of Course Exams. The following courses are required:

English - 4 credits
Social Studies - 3 credits
Mathematics – 4 credits
Science - 3 credits
Physical Education – 1/2 credit
Health - 1/2 credit
Electives - 5 (2 semesters of fine art grade 7-12, financial literacy grades 9-12)


Post High School Plans, Class 20202-yr. College Degree 16.5%; 4 yr. College Degree 35.3%; Military Service 2.3% ; Entering Work Force 45.9%

Five Year Trends – Average ACT Scores (2016 – 2020):

English – 19.06   Mathematics – 19.98   Reading– 21.04   Science – 20.44   Composite- 20.3