Crestview Schools are committed to keeping our community up-to-date while we work to adapt to the developing response to COVID-19. This resource will continue to be updated as a reference resource for our students and families.

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Crestview Schools are committed to keeping our community up-to-date while we work to adapt to the developing response to COVID-19. This resource will continue to be updated as a reference resource for our students and families.

In-School Operations for Monday, March 16

Monday, March 16 will be the last full day of student attendance for at least the next three weeks for all students in grades K - 12.

Our preschool will not be in session on Monday unlike the rest of our students.

Monday will be used to prep students for their expectations during the extended building closure.

We will also direct students to clean out their desks and lockers on Monday and take items home for an extended period of time so that we can also begin cleaning areas that are considered high exposure to any germs. Some items of school use will be bagged and marked by the teachers should students not need those during this time. All personal items will need to be removed from the desks and lockers on Monday. For some students, especially those with lockers, it is recommended that a kitchen-sized (or similar) garbage bag be sent with them Monday for collection of items. We will have some on hand, if needed.

Family Needs Survey

A number of surveys will be shared with students and parents regarding food service and technology availability. We ask that families have rich conversation about these surveys so that we can provide the best ongoing service to students as possible. We want to make sure we are striving to meet the needs of all students; instructional, physical, mental, and social.

*NEW 3/16* Ohio Department of Education FAQ

ODE's COVID-19 FAQ Resource page is probably the most authoritative source on some of the state-level questions about what the rest of the year holds (testing, state report cards, etc.).

Instructional Plan


Instructional delivery online or through print materials is scheduled to begin Wednesday, March 18. Additional information on these resources will be forthcoming.

Students will receive weekly updates to those assignments with completion deadlines determined by the teacher. This allows us to continue to plan, adapt, and develop content delivery, much like we would in the traditional classroom setting.

Grade Cards

3rd quarter grade cards will be mailed home.

Launch page

The current Student Resources Pages on the Crestview website will be the central jumping off page for online content resources. Many of our teachers will continue to use familiar 3rd-party resources, but this will allow families to begin with a common starting point.

The elementary Student Resources page requires a student login for Clever. Their login is their district email address and password, including the domain name. Grades 2-3 students are accustomed to using these login credentials, but are not accustomed to typing the domain name. This resource won’t be in use for grades K and 1.

Primary Grades Resources

Print materials will be developed for students in grades K-1. A distribution plan for materials is being developed.

Grades 2-12 Resources

Most instruction for students in Grades 2-12 will be delivered through online resources. Many of our teachers will build upon existing tools that are already in use, while others are building new content or bringing in additional tools to support instruction.

Printed alternatives will be made available for students without sufficient access to dependable internet.

Grading and Attendance

Student progress monitoring will continue to be an important part of effective instruction. Students will be graded on assigned work throughout the building closure. Teachers will work with individuals to address specific obstacles to timely work completion, but on-time submission of work will be the primary measure of student attendance. A plan must be in place with the student’s teacher prior to unmet deadlines to avoid negative impacts.

School-issued Chromebook (Grades 2-12)

Student Chromebooks will be restricted from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM to support parents in developing good habits for student technology use and encourage appropriate rest.

Students will be permitted to take devices home, regardless of whether they have previously paid for insurance or are in grades that have not taken devices home. A reminder that these are school-owned devices and are expected to be returned in the same condition they were issued.

Tech support needs can be first addressed with the student’s teacher, and if necessary, escalated to Tech Support by visiting and filling out the help form. Our staff is unable to support home internet issues, but may be able to offer some helpful tips based on prior students’ experiences over the years.



All athletics are cancelled at this point.

All athletic lockers will need to be cleaned and all items will need to be removed by the end of the day Monday.

Student athletes should consult with their coaches in regards to any independent training programs that they should be doing at home during this time away. OHSAA has recently released guidelines and expectations for athletics during this time away from school. We will share this with the community early next week.


Plan for Staff

Beginning Tuesday, March 17th, and continuing until further notice, all staff will report no later than 8am. During this time we will be working with academic staff to determine how we will be delivering instructional content to our students as stated by the governor. This will involve a combination of print and online material depending on grade level and course.

Classified staff and support staff will be meeting with supervisors and admin to determine the best way for them to help support our students while they are at home.

Cleaning and maintenance will begin a deep cleaning process to ensure the return to an environment that is as clean and sterile as possible. They will also begin to prioritize and work on summer work requests should this time away extend beyond three weeks.


Food Services

Food services will be developing a plan to ensure that students who need lunch and breakfast will be afforded the opportunity to have that during our time away as long as we are able to have food delivered to the school. This will be a grab and go meal. A determination of pickup and distribution will be made early next week.


Family Care

Please continue to keep the wellness of your family and others at high priority.

While there is no travel ban during this period, we would ask that you treat this time as normal school time in order for students to be able to complete their work and have it assessed appropriately in order for us to continue to meet curriculum requirements that have not been waived by ODE, the State, or the Federal Government. These requirements, I am sure, will be evaluated and new information will be shared with us in the near future. Until that time we are still under all of the guidelines that were in place when the school year began.

Routines for students

Children are often most successful when a basic routine is in place for the day. This routine may include several tasks in addition to school work such as creative activities, intentional play time, expectations for household chores, time outdoors, and personally-selected reading. This structure helps children with focus and prepares them to more readily return to classes. Consider implementing routines around the use of devices as well to encourage a good balance.

Family Wellness

We ask that all families maintain good health habits during this time of the pandemic. Please continue to eat well, get exercise, and get plenty of rest. Practice good “social distancing” as advised by health officials.

Chromebook downtime

In order for the school to help support the need for adequate rest, all Chromebooks will disabled from 11:00pm until 6am. This means that access to those devices will be shut down automatically from our site during those times and students will have no access to them. This is being done so that we can support the need for adequate rest while removing the concern of overuse from the families.