Despite the many challenges that we faced due to the covid 19 pandemic, the class of 2020 graduation ceremonies and senior recognition were a success.  This had a lot do with the combined efforts and support of our school staff and community.

We held a series of graduation ceremonies over the course of four days starting Wednesday, May 20 and going through Saturday, May 23.  Even though things were different, we were able to continue some of our most important traditions.  Most importantly, it meant a lot that we were able to still include families in this once in a lifetime event.  This year we added something new.  Students were able to pick a staff member who had made a difference in their school career to present their diplomas.     

We concluded our graduation ceremonies with a community event on Sunday, May 24.  This was a chance to bring all of the graduates together while allowing our community to show support.  Graduates and family members assembled on the Crestview campus for a celebratory parade. Crestview staff gathered in front of their respective buildings while families and community members gathered along the parade route.  The parade started at the elementary school and then passed by the middle school and high school.  The seniors then took a “victory lap” driving through Shenandoah and Olivesburg.  

Leading up to the graduation ceremonies and parade we were able to recognize our seniors in other ways.  The Crestview Parents Club provided yard signs for each student in the class of 2020.  Yard signs were delivered to each students’ home by Crestview teachers and staff.  We also made gift bags for each student.  This project was led by the Crestview High School office staff.  Gift bags were also delivered by Crestview teachers and staff.  

We would like to thank the following for all of your help with the class of 2020 graduation ceremonies and senior recognition: the board of education, superintendent, Mr. Dunlap, the Crestview High School teaching staff, our Crestview coaches, the Crestview High School office staff, the Crestview Parents Club, the Crestview custodial and maintenance staff, the Crestview Music department, Troy Magers with Yourstar Photography, Tiff Roberts, Gabe Plank with Dynamic Audio Productions, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, School Resource Officer, Les Horner, the Richland County Health department, the Crestview after prom committee, Faith United Methodist Church, the Shenandoah General Store, the Olivesburg General Store, all of our senior parents, community members, our senior class advisors, and our senior class officers.

We will be mailing all of the graduates of the class of 2020 photos from graduation along with  DVD including graduation and the senior slideshow.  Photos were taken by Troy Magers of Yourstar Photography.  Video was recorded and edited by Gabe Plank of Dynamic Audio Productions.  Students who were part of the SAIL (top 20) awards ceremony will also receive copies of the video and photos that were taken by Tiff Roberts.  We will be mailing the photos and DVDs the week of June 15.