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Homecoming 2018

By: Crestview High School Journalism Staff

One weekend a year, high school communities in America gather together to celebrate their homecoming. This is an event that is special to these communities because it brings together students, staff, and alumni to celebrate their treasured high school memories. This special Crestview tradition will continue on this year on the nights of Friday, September 21st and Saturday, September 22nd.

Crestview celebrates homecoming very traditionally. The beginning of the celebration is marked by the excitement of a football game Friday night, followed by students jumping into their formal attire and dancing the night away on Saturday.

“When I came here it was important to carry on traditions that had come before me. I think homecoming is meaningful for students as well as community members and alumni,” explained high school Principal, Andrew Ditlevson.

Crestview High School’s Student Council works hard in the weeks before homecoming to prepare for this extravaganza. Student Council splits up into several different committees that are in charge of different aspects of homecoming: the pep rally committee, which produces entertainment for a pep rally during the school day, the ticket committee, for which students take time out of their GAP and lunch periods to sell tickets for the dance, and the halftime committee, which plans the King/Queen reveal and other festivities that occur at the Friday night football game.

The decoration committee plans and sets up the decor for the dance event. “This year’s theme is “A City in Lights” and the decorations are possibly the best I have seen in the last couple years! Student Council members have been working hard after school and on weekends to create the decorations that will hopefully transform the commons/gym area,” explained student council advisor, Robin Dawson.

Decoration committee member Kenedi Goon states, “ We made a lot of signs and decorated the arch and walkway, and I, as well as many other Student Council members, have taken time out of a Saturday to come in and help make decorations for this year's homecoming.”

Student Council produces the entirety of the Saturday night dance. “After the halftime ceremony, we come back to the high school to start decorating. We decorate/ set-up until 11 PM. Most of our decorations are already done, so we mainly just hang them up and rearrange things. Tables are set up for the drink table. We also make sure that all the lights are able to be plugged in,” said Mrs. Dawson.

Two weeks before homecoming weekend, students gather during their class meetings to vote on who they feel should be on the homecoming court. The students who have the highest votes--five guys and five girls-- are elected to be on the court. This year’s homecoming court consists of Molly Ardis, James Barber, Dylan Balcarcel, Bailey Bean, Alexis Hill, Brevin King, Kolton Kissel, Gavin Lowe, Natalie Restillie, and Carly Stevens. The guy and girl who receive the most overall votes are elected to be the homecoming King and Queen, and crowned by the former king and queen at the football game on Friday night.  The candidates will each receive a box containing balloons; when told to do so, each will open his or her box and the guy and girl who’s boxes contain the white balloons will indicate this year’s king and queen!

As always, homecoming will bring together students, staff, and alumni, both past and present. The cliché of emotional parents sending off their well-dressed sons and daughters to a traditional high school dance is something that is welcomed by the community every year.  The student body will be able to experience the stunning Friday night lights and transition into the relaxing glamour of the City Lights.