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By: Gavin Lowe and Rhett Ward (CHS Student Reporters)

Crestview High School has had their annual Powderpuff game for over a decade now, and last year, the game was renamed the Turkey Bowl, as it was played after the schoolwide Thanksgiving Dinner on the day before Thanksgiving Break. The tradition continues again, this year, on Tuesday, November 20th at 1:50 at the CHS football stadium.  Interest in the event just keeps getting stronger and the game continues to become more fierce.

Powderpuff, aka the Turkey Bowl, is where the interested female junior and senior students of Crestview volunteer to play a game of flag football against one another. Then the male junior and senior students may either coach the ladies playing football, or volunteer to be their cheerleaders. This combination makes for a really entertaining event. Rhonda Carey, boys cheer coach for the event, had this to say: “It has gotten more competitive for sure; the girls are out for blood!”

When the players are out there you can definitely tell it is more than a game for most. With everyone at Crestview being pretty used to friendly competition with one another, it’s all about bragging rights, just like the Volley With the Boys event.  Whoever loses that game will get a chance to redeem themselves a few months later at the Turkey Bowl. We decided to talk to some of the senior players who had played last year, and some of the junior players to see how they feel the game will pan out.

Seniors Allison Cook and Ariana Hull had a few words on their prediction of the outcome of the game: “I wholeheartedly believe that the seniors are gonna pull through this year; why wouldn’t we? Setbacks only call for greater comebacks, ya feel?” says Cook. Hull states, “I think the juniors might have a good start on us, but we will only strive harder to gain the lead and win.” Both girls have confidence in their team, but it’s not like upsets are impossible.

Junior, Kat Leeper and had this to say: “I’m so excited! I think it’ll be really fun and we juniors can’t wait to celebrate the dub,” mocks Leeper. We are planning on seeing a lot of Leeper coming from both sides of the ball. She has the confidence a team needs to finish with a big win.

The girls are ready to play.  Every day the they mention their anticipation for the game, asking questions about practices and coaching. This is going to be one of the toughest games we have seen in awhile. Again, for all who are able to attend, the