On Friday, November 9 we honored men and women who have served in all branches of the United States military at our annual Veterans Day assembly. This special day began with a breakfast, followed by a prelude of music conducted by Crestview High School band director, Hannah Phillips. The choir, directed by Trevor Garrabrant performed a medley of each military branch’s service song with a musical selection performed by the choir. An original poem titled "Unbreakable" was read by David Reese. United States Marine Corp, Staff Sergeant Robert A. North shared about his experiences in the military and presented a thought provoking message. The Veteran’s Day assembly concluded with a presentation by Rusty Radcliffe. Mr. Radcliffe shared his experiences as a chaperone on the Honor Bus trip. The Honor Bus was a trip which provided veterans from the Ashland area a chance to visit many of the monuments in Washington D.C. Four students from Crestview High School also went on the Honor Bus trip with the purpose of assisting the veterans.

The 7th annual Thanksgiving meal was held on Tuesday, November 20 for students, staff, and senior citizens. Staff and community were able to share a meal and fellowship together. At the same time, we were able to give back to our community. Enough food was donated and prepared so that we could bring delicious meals to a number of community and faith based organizations. These meals were personally delivered by staff and students from our school.