When we think of side effects we usually jump to the negative side effects, how could this negatively impact my life? 

What about the beneficial side effects of kindness? February 17th is the kick off for kindness week. 

There are 5 main side effects of kindness!

  1. JOY- Caused by the elevated levels of dopamine in our brain, which helps in lifting our spirits. When we do something good for others it makes us feel good as well. 
  2. Healthy Heart- Acts of kindness often come with the feeling of emotional warmth produced by the oxytocin in the brain and body. Nitric oxide that is released runs in and expands the blood vessels, which helps in lowering blood pressure. 
  3. Anti-Aging- Oxytocin also helps in slowing down the ageing process by reducing high levels of free radicals and inflammation in the cardiovascular system.
  4. Better Relationships- Kindness helps to reduce the emotional barrier between two people and allows people to be more open and bonded with each other. 
  5. Contagious- Kindness works in the form of ripple effects. The effect is continuously passed on and more people are inspired to be kind. 

In what ways will you spread kindness not just this week but every week?