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We are excited to share several updates regarding our student computer access for students this fall.

Grade 5 joining 1:1

New to our program this year is the addition of Grade 5 to our 1:1 program. Students entering grades 5 and 6 this year will be assigned individual devices. These devices will remain assigned to the same student through the end of their middle school years. 

While our 5th and 6th graders will have devices assigned to them, the devices will remain on campus. Students in grades 7-12 will continue to have the option for off-campus use with parent permission and payment of an off-campus insurance premium of $20.

Freshmen to receive device refresh; Increased access in late elementary and early middle grades

Students entering their Freshmen year will be issued a new Chromebook device that will be assigned to them through the remainder of their high school career. As our 1:1 program settles into its rhythm, students will be assigned a device at grade 5 for four years' use at the middle school, and a new device at grade 9 for four years' use throughout high school. Devices that are reassigned out of our 1:1 program at the end of four years are then used for updating computer carts, replacement devices for 1:1 settings, or replacement parts as appropriate.

Many devices will go to the elementary this fall to improve computer access for our students as we work to improve writing and research skills, and better prepare for online state testing needs. Our goal for all grades continues to be increased access to a wide range of resources and opportunities to target instruction to individual student needs. 

New equipment selected

The Technology Department has selected the Asus C202SA Chromebook for its improved durability. To further reduce damage due to bumps and drops, each device will be issued with a HigherGround DataKeeper case. The case is designed for in-case device use, ensuring that the device is always protected. This should extend the usable life of our Chromebooks, lower repair costs, and keep devices in overall better condition. Students will be expected to leave their devices in-case at all times. 

Repairs and Insurance

Our repair costs structure for this year remains the same as last. For a first repair, the family is responsible for a deductible of $25 (not to exceed the cost of part replacement) for the 1st billed repair, and $35 for each additional billed repair. Willful damage and other damage not covered by the insurance agreement, may be billed at the full cost of repair, up to the cost of device replacement.

Informational Meeting for Families

Families who are new to our 1:1 program, particularly those families with 5th and 6th grade students, or who are new to the district, can attend an informational session at 6:30 on Monday, August 22, at the middle school. Chad Lemon, Director of Instructional Technology, will present an overview of the program, family online safety tips, and expectations for care of the devices.