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Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) Notice

Crestview Local School District seeks to extend and enhance the educational opportunities for students through the use of varying web-based tools and applications. The use of many of these resources by children under the age of 13 is governed by a federal law known as the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).

COPPA “was put in place to protect kids’ personal information on websites and online services — including apps — that are directed to children under 13. The Rule also applies to a general audience site that knows it’s collecting personal information from kids that age.” (www.ftc.gov) Under COPPA, these websites must provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. For more information on COPPA, please visit ftc.gov/privacy/coppafaqs.shtm.

Our district utilizes several computer software applications and web-based services, operated not by this school, but by third parties. These include Google Apps for Education, Study Island, Social Studies Alive, McGraw-Hill Math, Prezi, and similar educational or education-related programs. A complete list of the programs with the privacy policy for each can be found on our district website.

In order for our students to use these programs and services, certain personal identifying information - generally the student’s name and school-provided email address - must be provided to the website operator.

The law permits schools to obtain parental consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of all of its students, thereby eliminating the need for individual parental consent to be given directly to the website operator.

The district's COPPA form, when completed below and on file with the district, will constitute consent for the district to provide personal identifying information for your child consisting of first name, last name, an email address and username to our associated web-operators as appropriate for school-related purposes.

Applications in use with Crestview Students under age 13

ABCmouse - https://www.abcmouse.com/privacy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Actively Learn - http://www.activelylearn.com/privacy/ Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

ApexLearning - http://www.apexlearning.com/Privacy_Policy.html Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

ClassDojo - https://www.classdojo.com/privacy/ Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Code.org - https://code.org/privacy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

EdCite - http://www.edcite.com/usr/privacy.html Student Privacy Pledge Signatory 

Edmentum (Study Island) - http://www.edmentum.com/privacy-policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Edmodo - https://www.edmodo.com/privacy#policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Edublogs - http://edublogs.org/privacy-policy/

Edulastic - https://www.edmodo.com/privacy#policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Epic! - https://www.getepic.com/privacy

Everfi - http://everfi.com/coppa-privacy-policy/ Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Floorplanner - http://www.floorplanner.com/privacypolicy

Freckle Education - https://www.freckle.com/privacy/

Google - http://www.google.com/edu/privacy.html Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Science - http://www.hmhco.com/common/privacy-policy#AL28 Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Khan Academy - https://www.khanacademy.org/about/privacy-policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Knewton (ThinkCentral) - https://www.knewton.com/resources/privacy-policy/ Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Learning A-Z - http://help.learninga-z.com/customer/portal/articles/1649236-privacy

McGraw-Hill Math - https://www.mheonline.com/pages/display/privacynotice_view

MobyMax - http://data.mobymax.com/mc/share/Privacy-Primer.pdf | COPPA Statement Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Nearpod - https://nearpod.com/privacy-policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Newsela - https://newsela.com/pages/privacy-policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

NoRedInk - https://www.noredink.com/privacy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Pixton - https://www.pixton.com/privacy

Pearson Online Learning - http://www.onlinelearningexchange.com/privacyPolicy.html

Prezi - http://prezi.com/privacy-policy/ 

Quizlet - https://quizlet.com/privacy

Read Theory - http://www.readtheory.org/welcome/privacyPolicy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

SchoolMessenger - http://www.schoolmessenger.com/privacy-policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Storyboard That - http://www.storyboardthat.com/about/privacy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Sumdog - http://www.sumdog.com/en/Privacy_Policy/

Teachers’ Curriculum Institute (TCI) - http://www.teachtci.com/privacy-policy.html Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

TenMarks - http://www.tenmarks.com/privacy-policy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

TurnItIn - http://turnitin.com/en_us/about-us/privacy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Xtra Math - https://cdn0.xtramath.org/docs/en/privacy-policy.pdf Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Vocabulary.com - https://www.vocabulary.com/privacy/

WeVideo - https://www.wevideo.com/privacy Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

Student Privacy Pledge Signatory - Student Privacy Pledge signatory