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First quarter came and went as we are rolling along in 2nd quarter very nicely. Our students and staff are in full swing with lots of different activities and projects going on around the school. We had our annual Harvest Party celebration with fun classroom activities and a parade to wrap it up. We had lots of parents helping in the classrooms and lots of wonderful costumes from both staff and students. We are looking forward to the months of December and January with a lot of new activities and musical events from our second graders. Stop on by and see the wonderful art work also being displayed in the hallways from our students who do some awesome work!

District Goals

Student Recognition - At the end of each month we continue to recognize and celebrate Students of the Month with an all school assembly. We have also started an initiative focusing on recognizing student kindness around the school with a poster in the hallway spelling out the work KIND, where students stand in place of the missing I in the word KIND. Students who are recognized for showing an act of kindness have their picture taken and posted on the Kindness Board, and students also sign the board. The hope is to fill up the kindness board with a lot of different student pictures and names.

Students of the Month - Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen so far this year:

September: Parker Bond, Camden Ferrell, Sawyer Garrabrant, Gretchen Crider, Brock Garrison, Aubrey Camp, Khloe Bernhard, Jesslyn Sprague, Ariel Ramsey, Jaden Leid, Clarissa Pestalitz, Kaelyn Weaver, Logan Duda, Taylor Weaver, Legacy Brazil, Jistun Munsil, Lillian Shephard, Rocco Skiver, Kysen Peters, Emersyn Metheney, Brady Jameson, Branson McGinnis,

October: Bentley Littleton, Kate Baughman, Natalie Stimpert, Mason Dendinger, Michaela Duda, Emerson Biglin, Emmy Brown, Zaedyn Roland, Aleah Thompson, Taylor Lackey, Audrey Willis, Kasen Phillpot, Jack Ramsey, Hayden Culler, Owen Keith, Bella Grant, Lukas Treadway, Kinley Davis, Gabe Gibson, Jeffery Stigall, Presley Keefer.

Data Collection - We continue to work hard to collect individual student data to help us make decisions to support learning. After reviewing first quarter data we are using what we know about students to build supports around reading, writing, and math. Our third graders have taken the first round of state testing in late October and the feedback was very informative. Our third graders now have a better idea of how to navigate state testing using technology, and our teachers have a better sense of student depth of knowledge to help drive instruction in areas that need more support. 

Communications - We are staying in communication with families using classroom newsletters and quarterly principal letters home to keep families in the loop of what is going on within the school. We encourage families to call when they have questions so we can support and guide them.

Instructional - We will be taking our Winter NWEA test the first week of December. We will use this student data to provide individual instruction for each student in the area of literacy and mathematics. Having a second set of data points this year will also give us information about how students are growing and the rate of acceleration towards proficiency in each of the subjects.

Financial - We will have our annual Pepperoni Rolls fundraiser sale in the month of January. Stay tuned for more information, and make sure you have a chance to pick up this delicious treat that will help fund our school!